For 30 years Smithfields have been exhibited at the Campbell Town Show.

The Dogs are shown under five categories:

  • Pure Smithfield Dog
  • Pure Smithfield Bitch
  • Partbred Smithfield Dog
  • Partbred Smithfield Bitch
  • Pure or Partbred Smithfield Puppy

with the Smithfield Champion Award being chosen from winners of each class.

Whilst it is accepted that they are not a registered breed as such, there is sufficient interest and acceptance in Tasmania of the breed for this event to be held. People interested in the breed travel from all over the world to attend. There are usually over forty entries, and the dogs are presented in natural condition. Purity is decided by the dog’s owner, solely on the basis of the dog’s appearance and regardless of known or suspected ancestry; all dogs are required to be genuine working dogs.


Saturday 26th May