The History of The Campbell Town Show

The Midland Agricultural Association (M.A.A.) Incorporated is the committee behind The Campbell Town Show.

This unique show is also well known in the world of agriculture as “the longest continually run show in the British Commonwealth” and Tasmania’s only Sheep Show.

Founded in 1838 by a group of far sighted and progressive landowners, this show has played a leading role in the display of Tasmania’s high quality livestock and wool. From its inception, livestock and wool producers have used exhibits as a yard stick for achievement of a very high standard.

Although steeped in tradition, the present day show keeps abreast of current interests and attractions. This can be observed in the two day event which provides displays and competition in a wide and varied programme. Commercial competitions and a focus on sustainable agriculture and lifestyle are a strong feature.

The Commercial Sheep Competitions, Sheep Dog Trials, Junior Sheep Judging, Shearing Exhibitions, Pet Parade, Trade Exhibits and Children’s Entertainment are included in the full two day event. Traditionally the Equestrian Show Horse and Show Jumping events have attracted much interest and provide an impressive display.

The Exhibition Hall has a long and proud family tradition and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2011. The Exhibition Hall runs competitions in home cooking, preserving, agricultural produce, floral displays as well photography, arts and crafts. A huge attraction for school is the ‘Tasmanian Wool Centre Prize’ for schools.

Popular and highly regarded guests in the fields of preserving, cooking and gardening are a feature of the Exhibition Hall. They judge, demonstrate their skills and provide opportunities to chat and share their knowledge and skills. The famous ‘Man Cake’ competition is one of the Exhibition Hall highlights.

Competitions are open for all ages and we warmly invite you to enter.

The President and Committee of the Midland Agricultural Association (MAA) invite you to become part of the vibrant future of this historic agricultural and community event.