Fermentation Workshop

The Midlands Agricultural Association is excited to announce that the Exhibition Hall at the 180th Campbell Town Show will be hosting a vegetable fermentation workshop/demonstration at 11am on Saturday the 26th of May.

The fermentation workshop/demonstration will be run by Margo Adler from Beaker Street and  will be a hands on experience – teaching you the science behind the ancient art of fermentation.

The workshop was initiated by Bridget Walch, Manager of the Exhibition Hall.  Bridget has been organising and running the Exhibition Hall at the Campbell Town Show for many years and says that “fermentation is a healthy method of preparing a nutritious meal and the workshop will provide techniques and recipes to create easy to prepare alternatives to traditional cooking”.

“New and fresh ideas are always important to ensuring we have exciting attractions to provide to patrons of the show”.

If you would like to attend the fermentation workshop / demonstration please reserve a spot by emailing Bridget at bridget.walch23@gmail.com. An entry fee of $5 can be paid upon entry on the day. You can find more information on what is happening in the Exhibition Hall here

The Show runs for two days starting 9am 25th of May and concludes 4pm 26th of May.