180 Years of the Midland Agricultural Association

The history of the Midland Agricultural Association Inc. is of great significance.

To celebrate 100 years of the show in 1938, a history in book form was compiled by Messrs N. A. Nicolson and G. A Finlay. That particular book provided great interest and inspiration for the publication of the 150th Anniversary compiled by Mrs. Patricia M. Taylor and Mrs. Vera C. Taylor in 1988.

Following the production of these two books a further and more complete account of the last 180 years has been undertaken by Mrs. Vera C. Taylor and Dr Georgina C Pengilley.

1947 Judging Merino Rams 35 in the class


To hold a record of 180 years of continuing shows supersedes all other show societies in this country and is the oldest continuing show in the British Commonwealth. This is a proud achievement for all people who have been involved with the Midland Agricultural Association over so many years.

The M.A.A. is known more widely as the Campbell Town Show but through its history has been referred as “The Midland” or just “The Show”.

The historic minute books with records from the first meeting held in 1838 are a proud possession of the M.A.A.

Obviously there is a unique dedication and determination of character required to breed and consistently present top quality sheep and animals at the Campbell Town Show. Over many years this has created the high standard for which Campbell Town is noted throughout the sheep world of Australia and beyond. Today we see reflection of change which has evolved on the land in particular noting so few stud operators entering their sheep in the show arena; however the splendid display of animals and with the spectacular presentation of the fleece exhibition keeps the integrity and interest of the old show to the fore.

It is hoped that this 2018 volume presents an account which records the wide areas of interest undertaken by the M.A.A. Inc. over the last 180 years and creates interest and enjoyment for today and into the future.

written by
Mrs Vera Taylor
Co-Author and MAA Member

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